Our Story

I was raised in a cabin deep in the forest near Allegan, Michigan. Growing up being Earth-friendly and self-sufficient made my roots in sustainability run deep. I was "off the grid," meaning no electricity, no indoor plumbing and no running water. I learned a lot about being resourceful.

When you grow up without modern amenities, you discover your true creativity -- something that I'm thankful for -- has stuck with me through the years.

I was a single mom, raising five children when we began this small family business. We don't live in a cabin in the woods, and we have electricity, but the same lessons about creativity that I learned from a simple childhood lives on. Sustainability, being Earth-friendly, leaving things better than how you found them, are all lessons I'm teaching my children, whom, by the way, are active participants in the shop.

I may not wear my faith on my sleeve, but I do take words of encouragement from the Bible. One verse that has resonated in my life over and over, that I think about often, in good times and bad, is Romans 12:12: "Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, and faithful in prayer." To me, that verse encourages us to always be joyful, no matter your situation. "Bee Joyful" isn't just a company name, it's a mindset, a way of thinking, and a way of living at peace.

What is now "Bee Joyful Shop" started as a simple idea. Creating and using sustainable, Earth-friendly materials to store food, instead of harmful plastic wraps, isn't new. I remember my grandmother used cloth wraps as a way of sealing food long before plastic wrap was invented. In fact, wax coated cloths date back to the Egyptians...they were pretty darn good at preserving things!

The journey from Etsy shop, to wholesaling, to a small work space and now to two Zero Waste, brick and mortar locations, has been an amazing one! We offer plastic free alternatives to the items you most commonly use for personal and home care. We strive to keep packaging material coming into the store a bare minimum, using 100% recycled materials and zero plastic going out to customers. We are thrilled to be available to the West and East side of southern Michigan now and hope to see you soon!

Bee Joyful Shop is proud to be a family business, helping people make Earth friendly, sustainable choices, founded on the principle of being joyful in your circumstances.

Bee Joyful,

Jessica & Family